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Cone Shape Style Acrylic Podiums

24" : 24" [top width] x 19" [top depth] x 48" [podium height]
28" : 28" [top width] x 19" [top depth] x 48" [podium height]
32" : 32" [top width] x 24" [top depth] x 48" [podium height]
36" : 36" [top width] x 24" [top depth] x 48" [podium height]
48" : 48" [top width] x 24" [top depth] x 48" [podium height]

See pricing table below. Place order at bottom of page.

Product Number Podium Style, Top Size, and Color (Click to see example) Podium Price Etching - Additional Call Wood Accent - Additional Call

Wood Top - Additional Call

CS24CL 24" Clear Color Call      
CS24GL 24" Glass Color Call      
CS24SM 24" Smoked Color Call      
CS28CL 28" Clear Color Call      
CS28GL 28" Glass Color Call      
CS28SM 28" Smoked Color Call      
CS32CL 32" Clear Color Call      
CS32GL 32" Glass Color Call      
CS32SM 32" Smoked Color Call      
CS36CL 36" Clear Color Call      
CS36GL 36" Glass Color Call      
CS36SM 36" Smoked Color Call      
CS48CL 48" Clear Color Call      
CS48GL 48" Glass Color Call      
CS48SM 48" Smoked Color Call      

For example : A clear color 24" cone shape podium (Call) with etching (Call) would come to Call.

Steps for ordering :

Step 1 - Select Podium Style, Size, and Color
Step 2 - Select Etching, Wood Accent, and/or Wood Top Options
Step 3 - Select Wood Color and Billing/Shipping Information

Step 1 - Select Podium Style, Size, and Color

If you have any questions concerning product options or pricing, contact Call Curtis Products at :

tom@curtisproductsgroup.com or 1-616-914-6970.

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